1000 cc Triangle Graduated Beaker


This 1000 cc Triangle Graduated Beaker is graduated in ounces, 2-32 in 2 oz increments; and in cc ‘s, 50-1000 in 50 cc increments. The triangle shaped body is EASY-TO-HANDLE. Made with a frosted panel for easy labeling, non-sterile .
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Product Details
Color: Translucent
Material: Clarified Polypropylene
Body Diameter: 715.9 mm
Body Height: 114.2 mm
Material Product Code
Clear PP 0410-1100
Clear PS 0410-4100
Packaging Details
Case: 200 pc/case
Packaged: 10 sleeves of 20
Case Dimensions: 21 x 9-1/4 x 19
Case Weight: 18.7 lbs
Cube Dimension: 2.14
Cases per Skid: Approx. 28


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